10x NFT Borrower Engagement: Strategies For NFTFi DApps

A Guide to Boost Up the Engagement of NFT Borrowers Using In-App Pop-Up Campaign with Templates


The rapid growth of the NFTFi space is opening doors to a realm of opportunities, especially for potential NFT borrowers. However, it's crucial to effectively communicate the distinct advantages of borrowing over owning. Enter Spock's 'Engage In-App Pop-Up' feature, your tool to connect directly with this audience. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on harnessing this tool's potential to its fullest.

Introducing In-App Pop-Up Messages

In-App Pop-Up Messages are direct and timely prompts delivered to users when they're actively engaged with your DApp. These aren’t just generic pop-ups; they're tailored communications crafted for a particular segment of your user base. How It Works

Once you are done with creating a deep segment through the Audience Builder feature, it automatically identifies the user who falls in that criteria. Let’s say a user who fits your predefined criteria (e.g., wallets holding [xyz NFT], NFT trader attributes, a wallet value of 50k, and past engagement with your DApp) connects their wallet to your application, the system identifies them.

The user is immediately presented with a personalized in-app pop-up message crafted just for them. This immediate engagement, tailored to the user's profile and behavior, significantly boosts the chances of conversion.

Building a Precise Audience for Effective Engagement

Segmentation is the foundation. With Spock, you can:

  1. Segment Based on Behavioral/Interaction Cues: Identify users who frequently view NFTs without borrowing, compare borrowing fees, etc.

  2. Interest-Based Insights: Segment users based on their NFT categories of interest.

  3. Past Interactions with DApp: Target users who've previously borrowed but have been inactive recently.

And much more!

This deep segmentation ensures that your pop-up messages meet users exactly where they are, addressing their specific needs and interests.

Crafting Personalized Messages for Maximum Resonance

  1. Emphasize Flexibility: Highlight that borrowing provides the joy of access without the commitment of ownership.

  2. Economic Sense: Borrowing can offer short-term benefits without the financial strain of ownership.

  3. Promote Exclusive Advantages: Underscore the special perks and benefits borrowers can access without a heavy investment.

Suggested Templates

  1. 💰 Unlock Exclusive Perks Without Owning an NFT!

Hey [ENS],

Craving to join exclusive Discord servers? Want in on special events or airdrops, but short on cash to buy an NFT? Worry no more! With [DApp Name], you don't have to own the NFT—just borrow it and get all the access you desire!

What's even better? We offer Fixed APRs so you can plan ahead without any nasty surprises.

👉 Borrow & Unlock the Perks Now! [Link to the Page]"

  1. 💡Re-Engaging Dormant Borrowers

Hey [ENS],

Missed the thrill of borrowing? Dive back in and check out some exclusive NFTs up for grabs.

👉 Dive Back In! [Link to Page]"

  1. New Borrower Outreach

Hi [ENS],

Ever imagined accessing [NFT Name]'s perks without a purchase? Borrow with us and tap into a world of unmatched benefits!

👉 Begin Your Borrowing Journey! [Link to Page]"


The NFTFi space is ripe with potential. By leveraging Spock's 'Engage In-App Pop-Up' feature, DApp marketers can tap into a powerful medium of personalized communication, enhancing user experience and increasing engagement. Dive into Spock, craft your messages with precision, and witness a marked increase in user engagement and conversion rates.

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