Maximize NFT Lending: Strategies For NFTFi DApps

A Guide to Amplifying the Value Proposition for NFT Lenders Using In-App Pop-Up Campaign with Templates


The NFTFi sector's rapid evolution means more individuals are considering lending their valuable NFTs for financial gains. However, with competition stiffening, DApp marketers must articulate a clear and compelling value proposition. This guide focuses on the potential of Spock’s 'Engage In-App Pop-Up' to effectively convey this proposition to potential NFT lenders along with the message templates you can use.

Introducing In-App Pop-Up Messages

In-App Pop-Up Messages are direct and timely prompts delivered to users when they're actively engaged with your DApp. These aren’t just generic pop-ups; they're tailored communications crafted for a particular segment of your user base.

How It Works

Once you make a highly targeted audience segment with the filters provided, you create a new niche to target. Now when a user who fits your predefined audience segment (e.g., BAYC NFT holder, NFT trader attributes, a wallet value of >50k, and past engagement with your DApp) connects their wallet to your application, the system identifies them.

The user is immediately presented with a personalized in-app pop-up message crafted just for them. This immediate engagement, tailored to the user's profile and behavior, significantly boosts the chances of conversion.

Step-by-Step Guide To Create In-App Messaging Campaign

  1. Building an Audience that Resonates:

Begin your journey in the heart of Spock's interface. As you enter the 'Engage' tab, the 'Build Audience' beckons. Here, you're not just ticking boxes but weaving the fabric of a community. By filtering users who possess rich NFT portfolios but are yet to explore lending, you're pinpointing an audience ripe for engagement.

  1. Define the Core of Value Propositions:

Every individual NFT holder has aspirations and concerns. Some might seek financial prosperity, while others might yearn to contribute to a community's growth. These nuances aren’t just statistics; they’re stories waiting to be addressed. By understanding this tapestry of motivations, you can structure your message to resonate deeply.

  1. Craft a Highly Personalized Messages:

Use the insights from the audience you've built. Speak to them directly. Emphasize the safety of your platform, the lucrative returns, and perhaps, the exclusive community they become part of. But remember, in this digital age of brevity, your message must be succinct yet powerful, driving the user to action.

Here are some templates:

  1. 💰 Put your JPEGs to Work and Earn $$$

Hi [ENS],

We noticed you're holding [NFT Name] valued at [$Value]. What if you could earn [APR %] annually on that? Turn your prized digital asset into a cash-generating machine. Our APRs are fixed, so you can plan your earnings down to the last cent. No worries, no surprises.

👉 Start Earning Now! [Link to the Page]

  1. Your NFT, Your Passive Income!

Hello [ENS],

Your [NFT Name] can be more than a collectible. Lend it securely and watch your passive income grow. Plus, enjoy VIP access to our lender community.

👉 Explore Lending Benefits Now! [Link to Lending Hub]

  1. Exclusive Lending Opportunity Awaits!

Dear [ENS],

As an esteemed NFT holder, unlock special lending rates and be part of exclusive community events. Elevate your NFT experience with us and get the $$$ running in your wallet.

👉 Begin Your Lending Journey Now! [Link to Exclusive Offer]

  1. Review & Launch:

After sculpting your message, it's time to set the stage. Design matters. Ensure your pop-up mirrors the aesthetic of your DApp, offering a seamless visual experience. Schedule these messages at moments of peak user interaction, like after they've just explored their NFT collection, ensuring maximum engagement.


By communicating directly with potential NFT lenders, emphasizing the myriad of benefits in a personal, timely manner, DApps can foster:

Enhanced lender participation. Deepened community ties. Amplified user engagement and satisfaction.

The 'Engage In-App Pop-Up' tool in Spock is more than a feature; it's a bridge connecting you to your users. Harness it, and not only amplify your proposition but also solidify your community’s foundation.

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