Build Custom Campaigns Using On-chain Data

Get insights about your wallets via an API and serve them custom campaigns.

Spock API allows Web3 projects to build an audience based on purely on-chain data, recognize triggers in real time, and serve custom campaigns tailored to specific user behaviors. With Spock API, you can turn raw blockchain data into actionable insights and personalized engagement.

Key Features

Audience building on on-chain data

  • Segmentation: Create audience segments based on transaction history, token holdings, and other on-chain activities.

  • Custom criteria: Use advanced filters to target users based on specific on-chain behaviors like staking, trading, or DAO voting.

Real-time triggers

  • Event Monitoring: Instantly know if a wallet that matches your criteria connects to your dApp.

  • Automated Responses: Automatically trigger custom campaigns based on these real-time events.

How to use it

  • Create an audience segment using Spock Analytics.

  • Get an API that lets you know when a wallet from the segment connects to your dApp.

  • Take action on the dApp suitable to your needs.

Examples of Campaigns

Welcome Campaign for New Users

  • Trigger: A new wallet address interacts with your smart contract.

  • Action: Automatically serve them a product tour.

Loyalty Rewards for High-Volume Traders

  • Trigger: A wallet address exceeds a certain volume of transactions within a week.

  • Action: Offer a discount on trading fees, special NFT as a reward, or boosting on farming incentives.

Special Offers for DAO Participants

  • Trigger: A wallet address votes on a DAO proposal related to your project.

  • Action: Offer exclusive access to a beta feature or a special governance token bonus.

Gas Fee Refunds for Failed Transactions

  • Trigger: A wallet address experiences multiple failed transactions within a short period.

  • Action: Offer a gas fee refund and a guide on how to avoid common transaction errors.

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