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Decipher Web3 Wallets Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, understanding your user base is crucial for growth and sustainability. Spock Data offers an all-in-one API suite designed to provide deep insights into the on-chain behavior of wallets.
Here's a look at the key features:

Wallet Attribution

Uncover the origins and affiliations of wallet addresses interacting with your protocol. Spock Data's Wallet Attribution feature allows you to:
  • Identify the source of incoming transactions.
  • Track wallet activities across multiple dApps.
  • Understand user pathways leading to your platform.

Behavioral Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how users interact with your dApp. Behavioral Analysis enables you to:
  • Monitor user actions, such as transactions, staking, and trading.
  • Identify popular features and potential bottlenecks.
  • Segment users based on behavior patterns for targeted marketing.

Reputation Scoring

Assess the credibility and reliability of wallet addresses. Reputation Scoring offers:
  • A composite score based on transaction history and on-chain behavior.
  • Flags for potentially fraudulent or risky behavior.
  • Insights into the trustworthiness of users.


Group similar wallet addresses together to understand broader user trends. With Clustering, you can:
  • Identify cohorts of users with similar behaviors or characteristics.
  • Analyze these groups to tailor your marketing and user engagement strategies.
  • Understand the diversity of your user base.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate the risk associated with different wallet addresses or transactions. Risk Assessment allows you to:
  • Detect unusual or suspicious activities.
  • Assess the risk level of transactions in real-time.
  • Implement security measures based on risk profiles.

Network Analysis

Understand the interconnectedness of users within your dApp ecosystem. Network Analysis helps you:
  • Visualize the relationships between wallet addresses.
  • Identify influencers or central nodes within your network.
  • Analyze transaction flows between users.

Geographic Mapping

Know where your users are located geographically. Geographic Mapping offers:
  • A global view of user distribution.
  • Insights into regional trends and preferences.
  • Data to help localize your marketing efforts.

Social Profiling

Get a holistic view of your users by integrating social media data. Social Profiling enables you to:
  • Link wallet addresses to social media profiles.
  • Understand user preferences and opinions.
  • Tailor your communication strategies based on social insights.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge the public sentiment around your dApp or token. Sentiment Analysis provides:
  • Real-time tracking of social media and forum discussions.
  • Insights into positive, negative, or neutral sentiments.
  • Data-driven strategies for reputation management.

DAO Participation

Measure and understand participation in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). This feature allows you to:
  • Track voting patterns and proposal submissions.
  • Identify active and passive members within the DAO.
  • Gain insights into governance effectiveness.