Probe: Strategic Data Reports

Elevate Your dApp's Potential with Strategic Data Reports and Informed Decision-Making.

Probe builds on the data collected by Explore to serve insights and reports. Using Probe, you are able to track KPIs, validate ideas, and discover actionable insights.

Spock Probe takes the rich data harvested by Explore and transforms it into actionable insights and comprehensive reports. With Probe, you can track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), validate your hypotheses, and discover strategies that drive growth.

Key Features:

  • Acquisition: Understand the origins of your user base by tracking where they're coming from and their demographic profiles. This helps you optimize your marketing strategies and target the right audience.

  • Funnel: Visualize your entire dApp's user journey in a funnel format, from the initial wallet connection to transaction submission. This allows you to identify bottlenecks and optimize for conversions.

  • Journey: Gain a 360-degree view of the user experience by visualizing the complete user flow. Track every action and step taken during a session to understand user behavior and preferences.

  • Retention: Keep a pulse on the health of your dApp by tracking crucial retention metrics such as active users. This helps you understand the long-term engagement and sustainability of your platform.

Acquisition: Know Where Your Users Come From

Understanding where your users are coming from is the first step in any successful growth strategy. Probe's Acquisition feature allows you to:

  • Visits: See the total visits of your dApp in a given time frame.

  • Track user sources: Identify the most effective channels driving traffic to your dApp.

  • Demographic insights: Understand the age, location, and other demographic factors of your user base.

Benefits: By knowing your audience, you can tailor your marketing strategies to target the right users, thereby increasing engagement and ROI.

Funnel: Visualize Your DApp as a Funnel

The Funnel feature visualizes your dApp in a funnel at a macro level.

Key steps in the funnel:

  • Acquisition: The first touchpoint where users discover your dApp.

  • Wallet connection: The crucial step where users connect their wallets, signaling a deeper level of engagement.

  • Transaction initiation: The stage where users initiate transactions, indicating intent to interact with your dApp's features.

  • Transaction submission: The final step where transactions are submitted, completing the user journey.

Identify bottlenecks

The Funnel feature allows you to pinpoint exactly where users are dropping off. Whether it's the wallet connection stage or the transaction initiation, identifying these bottlenecks helps you focus your optimization efforts where they are needed the most.

Optimize for conversions

Armed with data, you can make informed decisions to improve conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. Whether it's simplifying the wallet connection process or streamlining transaction submissions, every tweak is an opportunity for improvement.


A well-optimized funnel doesn't just improve user experience; it directly impacts your bottom line. By increasing user engagement and maximizing conversions, you set the stage for sustainable growth and profitability.

Journey: Visualize each step of the user flow

The Journey feature in Probe is your window into the user's world. It offers a granular view of each action a user takes during a session, allowing you to understand not just what users are doing, but also why they are doing it.

Key capabilities:

  • Track User Actions: With the Journey feature, you can monitor which features of your dApp are most frequently used and which are being ignored. This helps you identify what's working and what needs improvement.

  • Understand User Preferences: Beyond just tracking actions, the Journey feature allows you to delve into how users are interacting with your dApp. Are they spending more time on a particular feature? Do they navigate away when they reach a certain point? These insights are invaluable for understanding user preferences.


Understanding the complete user flow is not just an exercise in data collection; it's the foundation for informed decision-making. With the insights gained from the Journey feature, you can:

  • Optimize Feature Development: Know where to allocate resources for feature development based on what users are actually using and enjoying.

  • Enhance UI/UX: Make data-driven improvements to the user interface and user experience, thereby increasing user satisfaction.

  • Boost User Retention: By tailoring your dApp to meet user preferences and needs, you increase the likelihood of long-term engagement and retention.

Retention: Keep Your Users Coming Back

Probe's Retention feature helps you track:

  • Unique Wallets: Count of distinct wallets that have either transacted or connected during a specific period.

  • Visiting Wallets: Wallets that have connected but hold no position in the protocol during the observed time frame.

  • Interacting Wallets: Wallets that have either transacted or connected to the dApp within the given period.

  • New Wallets: First-time users who have transacted on the dApp within the observed time frame.

  • Converted Wallets: Wallets that have made their first deposit and were previously inactive.

  • Active Wallets: Wallets that have maintained their value in the protocol and connected their wallet within the given time frame.

  • Retained Wallets: Wallets that have kept their value in the protocol, regardless of connection status, during the observed period.

  • Churned Wallets: Wallets that have fully withdrawn their value from the protocol within the given time frame.

  • Resurrected Wallets: Wallets that have redeposited value after previously churning.

  • Expanded Wallets: Wallets that have increased their deposits within the given time frame.

  • Contracted Wallets: Wallets that have reduced their deposits within the observed period.


The Retention feature is not just a data collection tool; it's a strategic asset. By tracking these crucial metrics, you can:

  • Tailor User Engagement Strategies: Know which users to target for re-engagement, upselling, or further onboarding.

  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Use data to inform where to invest your resources for maximum impact on user retention.

  • Increase Lifetime Value: By keeping users engaged and reducing churn, you increase the lifetime value of each user, contributing to your dApp's long-term success.

Use Cases

  1. Leverage Off-Chain Data for User Acquisition: Probe offers a comprehensive snapshot of off-chain user data. From dApp visits and views to devices used, browsers, external links, and referral sources – every piece of data plays a crucial role in shaping your strategies.

  2. KPI Tracking: A DeFi platform wants to track its growth over time. Probe can generate reports on key performance indicators like active users, transaction volume, and liquidity provided.

  3. User Journey Mapping: An online game built on blockchain wants to understand the user journey from sign-up to making in-game purchases. Probe can visualize this flow, helping to identify bottlenecks or opportunities for upselling.

  4. Retention Analysis: A social token platform wants to understand why users churn after initial engagement. Probe can track retention metrics and provide insights into user behavior over time.

  5. A/B Testing: A DAO wants to know which governance proposal format gets the most engagement. Probe can track metrics related to different proposal formats and provide actionable insights.


  • Configure contract addresses for on-chain data. Find more information here.

  • Configure the off-chain module of the SDK for off-chain data. Find more information here.

If you don't integrate the SDK, Probe will still work, but will only show on-chain data.

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