Offer Gas Refunds to Newly Converted Users

Welcome your newly converted users and build higher engagement in future: A Guide with Templates

A Fresh Morning with Fresh Metrics

You sip your morning coffee, feeling the excitement of a new day. Logging into your dashboard, your eyes light up seeing the active user metrics skyrocketing. The recent marketing campaign worked wonders! But you know, acquisition is just half the battle; retention is the key. You ponder on rewarding these new users, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued.

A thought strikes – why not offset their initial interactions by offering gas refunds?

How can you do it?

Enter: Engage In-App Pop-Up Feature!

In-App Pop-Up Messages are direct and timely prompts delivered to users when they're actively engaged with your DApp. These aren’t just generic pop-ups; they're tailored communications crafted for a particular segment of your user base.

Building the Perfect Audience To ensure the gas refund offer is directed correctly:

  1. Navigate to Spock’s Audience Builder: This is where you'll define the exact audience for your campaign.

  2. Select Newly Converted Users: Look for metrics like "Users added in the last 7 days" or "Users who've made their first transaction recently". This ensures you're targeting genuine newbies.

  3. Filter by Interaction: You might also want to reward users who’ve shown higher engagement. Filters like "Users who've made more than up to 3 transactions" can be useful.

Engaging Templates to Get Started

  1. 💰 Warm Welcome with a Refund:

Hello [ENS],

Welcome aboard! To show our appreciation, we're refunding the gas fees of your first transaction. Dive deeper, explore more, and know that we've got your back!

👉 Check Your Refund Status [Link to Page]

  1. 💰 Here's A Token of Gratitude:

Hey [ENS],

Your enthusiasm is contagious! As a small token of our gratitude, we're covering the gas fees for your recent transaction. Continue your journey with us, cost-free!

👉 See Details [Link to Page]

And launch!

Measuring Results

After your campaign goes live, consistently check back on the results.

  1. Engagement Metrics: Monitor how many users engaged with your message and availed the gas refund.

  2. Retention Rates: Over time, observe if there's an uptick in user retention, indicating the campaign's success in fostering user loyalty.


Acquisition is the first step; meaningful retention efforts like offering gas refunds can solidify your relationship with new users. By using Spock's 'Engage' feature strategically, you can create personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience, making them feel truly valued. Here's to stronger user relationships and lasting loyalty!

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