Increase Transaction Submissions by 15% Using Probe


Jane, a seasoned DApp marketer, stared at her screen in bewilderment. For the past couple of months, the metrics for her DApp seemed stagnant. Her marketing campaigns drove substantial top-of-the-funnel traffic, but the number of users who reached the bottom was dismayingly low. Where was the disconnect?

The Challenge Every DApp aims for a smooth flow from the top of the funnel (Acquisition) to the bottom (Transaction Submission). However, Jane noticed that while there was ample traffic at the acquisition stage, a glaring discrepancy existed between initial interest and finalized transactions. This gaping hole in the middle was hurting her conversion rates, and she needed answers.

Probing with Probe

Problem Diagnosis with Funnel Visualization: Using Probe's Funnel feature, Jane could visualize the entire user journey in her DApp. The tool presented a clear picture of drop-offs at each stage. The bulk of users seemed to lose interest or face challenges during the 'Wallet Connection' and 'Transaction Initiation' stages.

Strategies & Solutions:

  1. Audience Segmentation: By segmenting users based on their behavior, Jane identified two primary groups: those who faltered at the 'Wallet Connection' phase and those who dropped off at 'Transaction Initiation.'

  2. Targeted In-App Messaging: Armed with this insight, Jane crafted two distinct in-app messages:

For the first segment, she deployed messages like: "Facing issues connecting your wallet? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you out!"

For the second segment, the message was: "Ready to make a transaction? Let's guide you through it!"

  1. Feedback Mechanism: To further understand the pain points, Jane introduced a quick feedback option, asking users about their challenges in the respective drop-off stages.

Outcomes Thanks to the insights from Probe's Funnel feature and her timely interventions, Jane observed a notable uptick in conversions. The drop-offs reduced, and more users confidently navigated from the top of the funnel to transaction completion.

Conclusion When marketing KPIs seem stubborn, it's crucial to delve into user behavior. Tools like Probe provide actionable insights, turning challenges into opportunities. With a mix of analysis, strategy, and user-centric interventions, DApps can effectively bridge conversion gaps and elevate their overall performance.

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