Boost Your Liquidity Providers Conversion Rate


In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance, AMMs like Uniswap are on the frontline. However, sustaining the liquidity in pools, especially in popular ones like the ETH/USDC pool, is crucial for consistent user experience and reduced slippage. The key is to target passive token holders and convert them into active liquidity providers using precise and compelling in-app messaging.

Set The Game Plan

  1. Create An Audience Segment Of Users Holding ETH/USDC:

With the Engage Audience Builder feature, Uniswap can zero in on the perfect target group. They'd search for users holding both ETH and USDC in substantial amounts but haven't yet provided liquidity. This segment represents users with potential interest and the necessary assets but perhaps lacks the final push towards becoming a liquidity provider.

  1. Design A Tempting Offer For High User Conversion Rate:

Liquidity mining is about rewards. Uniswap could enhance its offering by introducing an exclusive bonus APY for new liquidity providers. This not only attracts potential providers but might even tempt current providers on other platforms to switch. So, think about it, write your tempting offer if you want high conversion rates.

  1. Craft a Compelling Message:

The essence of engagement lies in the message.

For Uniswap's goal, the message could read:

"Hey [ENS],

Unlock More with Your ETH & USDC! Dive into our ETH/USDC pool now and enjoy a boosted APY exclusive for newcomers. Your assets could work harder for you. Don't miss out on these juicy rewards.

Get started!"

  1. Launch the In-App Pop-Up Campaign:

As users with the selected criteria log in or interact with Uniswap, the Engage In-App Pop-Up ensures that the crafted message is delivered right in their user interface. This non-intrusive yet noticeable nudge can significantly increase the chances of conversion.

  1. Keeping the Momentum:

After the initial engagement, Uniswap can keep the momentum going by sending periodic updates about the pool's performance, new incentives, and more through in-app messages, reinforcing the benefits of being an active liquidity provider.

The DeFi landscape is all about adaptability and timely engagement. By coupling smart targeting with compelling messaging, platforms like Uniswap can consistently drive liquidity and ensure a smooth trading experience for all its users. As they say, in the world of DeFi, it's not just about having the assets; it's about putting them to the right use at the right time.

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